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League of Women Voters of Honolulu Education Fund (LWVHEF)
email: EdBoard@lwvedfund.org

Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements
for LWVHEF Grants

  1. Guidelines

    This document describes how to obtain grants from the LWVHEF and the steps the applicants must follow. All requests for grants are to be sent to:

    League of Women Voters
    of Honolulu Education Fund
    email: EdBoard@lwvedfund.org

    Projects may be funded that:

    1. promote plans, developments, projects and activities which enhance and improve the general welfare of the people of Oahu, protect its natural environment and/or implement plans designed to maintain or improve the quality of life of its citizens; and
    2. protect the public interest against development projects and/or activities that would not promote and/or would actually harm such welfare, environment, or quality of life.

      Some project examples include providing voters’ services and/or citizen information forums and debates; supporting the publication of listings of elected officials and balanced information on issues; supporting educational public meetings (seminars, conferences, forums or workshops) and media (radio, TV, slide presentations) programs that discuss issues in an unbiased way.

  2. Eligibility Criteria

    You must be an Oahu 501(C)(3) organization to apply. If you have a fiscal sponsor they must be an Oahu 501(C)(3) organization and you will need to provide a copy of the fiscal sponsorship agreement with your application. This is a reimbursable grant program that is paid within 1 month of submitting a report with receipts and request for grant funds.

    In order to maintain our non-profit status and as a tax-exempt Sec 501(C)(3) organization, the Internal Revenue Service has certain criteria that must be followed and can be found here: Exemption Requirements - 501(c)(3) . .

    Projects must be non-partisan and not used for staff salary nor hiring consultants to lobby. Projects that generate income must use that income for educational purposes and documented within the grant reporting. Written notification to LWVHEF of the source and amount of funds from other organizations, not pledges, is required and should be included in your application packet. Failure to notify LWVHEF of outside funding may result in withholding approval or payment.

    The LWVHEF must be properly credited on all materials published as a result of the Project.

Steps to Apply for Grant

  1. After reading information contained within the LWVEF website including appropriate links, and determining eligibility, the Applicant will submit a completed Project Funding Request Summary form along with: a. IRS determination letter, b. current copy of State of Hawaii Domestic Non-Profit Corporation Annual Report, c. Project Budget Estimate form, d. Verification of funds from other sources contributing to the project, e. Film related projects must include the necessary talent (subject) permission and or release forms.
  2. You must create one PDF application file that includes all of these documents and use your organization's name and year as the file name. Failure to provide one PDF file with all the support documents will not be considered.
  3. Your organization's name must be on the documents you submit, using the project's name only as subheadings or in the text of the proposal. We review and track your proposal by the organization's name and if funded, will continue to use its name.
  4. Applications are only accepted electronically and should be sent to: EdBoard@lwvedfund.org
  5. You will receive an email confirmation that the application packet was received.
  6. Awards are announced via direct email and listed in a press release.

Funding Request and Budget Estimate Forms
Status Report Form
Final Report Form

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