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League of Women Voters of Honolulu Education Fund (LWVHEF)
email: EdBoard@lwvedfund.org

Status Report for LWVHEF Funded Projects

Instructions: Please provide a detailed description of the current status of the project, including any updates on estimated time of completion. If funds are being requested itemize expenses and accompany with receipts. Use separate sheets if needed. Deliver to LWVHEF at the above addresss.

download as printable pdf here

Project Name:______________________________________________

Dates Covered in Report:_______________________________________

Total Expenses to Date:________________________________________


Detailed Description of Work Completed on Your Project

Itemized Expenses and Reciepts

All Pages and Receipts Submitted on Behalf of the Above-Named Organization

Officer Title:______________________
Phone Number:___________________Email:____________________

Home     About Us     The Board     Grant Guidelines     Monson Award